Who we are

Neo Sentuhan Sdn Bhd

Our roots may be humble, but our products and services are definitely on the cutting edge. When ACEK Creative Solutions (formerly known as Neo Sentuhan) was set up with the aim was to provide full-service design – this means that we oversee the production of a project from start to finish. Because we take pride in what we do, we naturally commit ourselves fully to our client's long-term satisfaction.

We provide realistic, creative and innovative designs that reflect exactly what our clients want, or what they visualise but cannot realise. And best of all, we simply enjoy what we do.

We welcome the opportunity to work with you! Whether the job is upscale or modest, we can create designs to complement your personal and professional style and set you apart from the competition, all the while remaining remarkably cost-effective. If what you are seeking is something that combines eye-catching designs, creative and efficient use of technology and attractive pricing, do investigate our unique options and give us a call at +604 281 5289.

Combining practical knowledge with the artistic ability to turn ideas into formal designs

The first step in developing a new design or altering an existing one is to determine the needs of the client, the ultimate function for which the design is intended, and its appeal to customers or users.

It is prudent to begin by researching the desired design characteristics, such as size, shape, weight, colour, materials used, cost, ease of use, fit, and safety.