The next most important thing to your company's name is your corporate image.

Great care should go into the designing of your company image especially your logo largely because it serves as a flagship of your company. It is no exaggeration to say that over time and exposure, logo and company will eventually become a single entity. To put it in another way, your company will be synonymous with your logo and vice-versa. Look at companies like Shell, IBM, Apple, Coca-Cola and Chanel. Their logos are instantly recognisable by almost anyone in any part of the world. The use of logos isn't limited to corporations. Even non-business individuals will find that well-crafted personal logos and monograms say so much about their personalities, all necessary in developing a strong and recognisable image to reflect your business endeavors.

Corporate image designing is equal parts artistic creativity, instinct, common sense and real-world needs. As artists, we have been creating and designing corporate image concepts for small and large businesses, whatever their budgets, for quite a while now.