The First Emil Goh Omnibus

A Man for 4 Seasons

On the Last Night of 2009,
Waiting for the Sun of 2010

Presented by Moominn S.P. Park


Emil Goh's sudden journey to the Galaxy presented me with a breakthrough to write poems remembering him. Up to now, I have written 4 poems, and have intention to write more to the memory of Emil. Eventually, all of these poems will be included in a book of poetry.

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A long Goodbye Broke through My Brain

By Moominn S.P. Park

A bullet broke through a glass window;
A long goodbye broke through my brain.

My brain shattered into a million pieces,
And dispersed in space.

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A Season... Emil Goh

By Douglas Wills
September 8, 2009

I have been remiss in sharing my experiences for the last week. Mainly, because I have been missing my loved ones and mourning the departure of my children. However, I must apologize. I have learned so much about sharing, recently, that I should know better.

I have learned about it in an unexpected way from a very unique and talented person. Emil Goh, I have been privileged to know, is one of those people who had an unlimited supply of himself. Always, he enthusiastically shared of himself, his photography, his design projects, his artwork, his opinions and above all his friendship. His energy and good nature was both charming and intoxicating to those graced with his presence.

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A Song for Emil Goh

The Man Who Was Everyday 

Written by Moominn S. P. Park

Evil smog occupied the sky of the Metropolis;
Gold fingers established a brave new Utopia.
Art admired digital decay;
Design became a slave to Utopian order.

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A tribute to Emil Goh

By Wendy Gan
Associate Professor School of English, University of Hong Kong
9 September 2009

Emil was like the brother I never had. It was the similarity in our upbringing – coming from middle-class English-speaking families in S.E. Asia and going to a similar kind of school. It was also the similarity in our instincts. We had both felt in our youth the need to leave Asia and spread our wings. We both loved cities and when we net in London in 1997, it was that city that cemented our friendship – walks through Islington, Portobello, Notting Hill. This being Emil, the food of London also played its part. Brick Lane for bagels and baked cheesecake, Borough market for the wholesale food stalls, Tower Bridge to eat at one of Conran's restaurants during a special lunch offer. We spent three happy months enjoying London, food, art, music and each other's company.

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Chronicler of the Asian-Australian experience

Emil Goh, 1966-2009
September 30, 2009 — 12.00am
By Benjamin Genocchio and Melissa Chiu

Emil Goh, who began his career as a photographer and video artist, became a designer, writer, publisher, visual artist and one of the founding members of Sydney's pioneering non-profit art space Gallery 4A.

Goh, who has died from a heart attack, initially dedicated himself to creating sensitive photographs reflecting the Asian-Australian experience. His early images often reworked family photographic negatives.

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by Michael Schiavello
15 September 2009

Today was to be my day in Seoul with Emil. The only person I knew in the city. The man who everyone was excited to be around. I don't know his friends in Seoul but can surely speak for myself as a friend from Sydney, where he has many, many loving and good friends.

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Emil Goh

By Andrew Frost

Producing photography and video work since the 1990s, Emil Goh's main subject was the human response to the urban and city environment. Video such as Mall and 1 Minute at 109 [both 2002] investigated patterns of movement and coincidence. In Mall, Goh took the colour red as a cue to follow different people through a crowded city shopping mall, searching out red t-shirts, bags and hats, only switching direction once a new cue was found. In 1 Minute at 109 Goh ascended and then descended the escalators of a trendy department store in Tokyo, the journey compressed to a hectic 60 seconds.

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Emil Goh 1966 to 2009 is too frigging short

By Vanessa Bates (L'eggs Up And Laughing)
Thursday, September 10, 2009

Emil Goh

On Monday, my friend Emil Goh died.

I found this out on Twitter, while I was scrolling down through the arts snippets and parental tips and clues for better compost. 140 characters is not very much but the words Vale Emil Goh pretty much caught my eye and stuck in my gut and quite quickly I found the links.

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Go Go Emil Goh

DCUARTIELLES –  9 September 2009

Emil Goh

I have got to know a lot of people during the last years, someone I will never forget is Emil Goh. When I arrived to my 3 months long residency at the Samsung Art and Design Institute in Seoul back in 2007, I happened to get to know a Malaysian designer living in a voluntary exile at the city that never sleeps. Since 2004, when he arrived to Korea for a residency at SSamzie Space, he felt in love with the big city and stayed there.

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In memory of Emil Goh

by Poketo
10 September 2009

Today, I woke up to the shocking and very sad news of our friend and Poketo contributor, Emil Goh passed away on September 7th, 2009. This sudden news sent shivers through me.

We first knew of Emil through his flickr, Superlocal. We were so taken by his beautiful photography. He captured the everyday world so beautifully. No frills, no effects, his pictures truly captured the colors, feeling, people, and the unique way he experienced a place. He showed us a Seoul that we had never experienced and wanted to visit.

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Remembering Emil Goh

ART LIFE Feb 04, 2011 

In 2009 our friend Emil Goh died suddenly of a heart attack aged just 43. He was widely admired and respected in the Australian art scene as an outstanding artist, curator, writer and designer, but mostly as an enormously good-natured and kind-hearted friend. An enthusiastic supporter of fellow artists and writers Emil was an early contributor to The Art Life, filing numerous reports from various locations from Venice and London to Melbourne and Sydney.

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Things I learned about life from Emil Goh (1966-2009)

SEPTEMBER 14, 2009

Last Tuesday, the 8th, I was sitting upstairs in MMMG cafe, hunched over at my laptop working through some revisions when my e-mail sounded a new incoming message. The little red email icon bounced in the dock, but I ignored it as I concentrated on the project at hand.

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