Regimes, diets and joys of life: A fatman’s journey to becoming an Ironman

N Gunananthan
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Regimes, diets and joys of life

Just like my journey towards financial freedom, my goal of getting healthy was not without its fair share of pitfalls. Through it all, as trite as it may sound, determination and goal-setting played a lead role in my success and they continue to assist me in my daily life. One of the reasons for this book is to address all the different emotions and thinking processes that took me through the several stages to getting healthy. I spent a lot of time in introspection, thinking about it, convincing myself; it took months, if not years.

If you find some inspiration from this book, I hope that you take it further and put that motivation into action. Fact is, I have been in the bottom rungs financially and in the extremely unhealthy zone physically. With a few tweaks and fine-tuning of priorities, I was able to achieve what is truly important to me in life. So, I strongly urge you to pull yourself out of the rung or zone that you are unhappy to be stuck in – be it fitness, finance or family. I wish one and all a continuously wealthy and balanced outlook in life.

Regimes, diets and joys of life


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PART 1: My Ironman Journey

CHAPTER 1: How I got to where I did - 3
CHAPTER 2: Mental challenges - 11
CHAPTER 3: Physical changes and key challenges 41
CHAPTER 4: The Ironman, Switzerland - 59
CHAPTER 5: Beyond BHAGs - 71

PART 2: My Learning

CHAPTER 6: Nutrition - 81
CHAPTER 7: Training attire and equipment - 93
CHAPTER 8: Training - 111

Appendix - 132

Regimes, diets and joys of life

N Gunananthan
2012, N Gunananthan
Softcover. 14 cm x 21 cm, 156 pages
Language: English
Illustrated throughout
ISBN 978-967-11205-0-7

About the Author

N Gunananthan, or Guna, as he is usually known, has a BSc in Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science and Non-Western Studies from Mount Union College, a MSc in Electrical Engineering from Yale and an MBA from Bowling Green State University. He is also a Certified Financial Planner.

Guna has over 20 years of entrepreneurial, management, business development and IT experience. He is the Founder, Group CEO and Senior Consultant for a technology, finance and corporate specialist company called Navigos.

Apart from strategic consulting, Guna organises management and board think-tank sessions and is the author of “The Secret to Ultimate Wealth” which was first published in 2007. He can be contacted at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..