A long Goodbye Broke through My Brain

By Moominn S.P. Park

A bullet broke through a glass window;
A long goodbye broke through my brain.

My brain shattered into a million pieces,
And dispersed in space.

Waiting for the pieces to return one by one,
I was floating in the ocean.

Dy by day,
Time flies.

Realising they will not return,
I sleep and fall into a dream.

A stone drops into the sea of my mind;
A circle of wave spreads to the end of the universe.

The stone drops once again,
And a circle of wave once again.

As such, in the centre of endless circles,
I am floating in the sea.

Through the endless drops, someday,
The stone will become a small, round pebble.

Every small pebble in the world,
Has billions of tears and laughter within...

Your pebble will drop onto my hand.
At the moment,
The world will be really beautiful.

And, I will see your pebble,
With a couple of tears and a small smile on my face.

23 July 2010