A Song for Emil Goh

The Man Who Was Everyday 

Written by Moominn S. P. Park

Evil smog occupied the sky of the Metropolis;
Gold fingers established a brave new Utopia.
Art admired digital decay;
Design became a slave to Utopian order.

Then, from the Galaxy, you came to the Earth
With the mission impossible
To save everything humble and every event miscellaneous
From the destiny to be perished on Earth.

Your secret code name was ‘Everyday.’
Everyday, you rushed toward a million streets under the sky
And toward endless arcades underground,
As the Man of La Mancha dashed toward invisible challenges.

‘Video camera’ was your gun;
‘Notebook’ was your armor.
You detected and measured: love and joy; blood, sweat and tears,
Hidden in those poor creatures.

When I was told you fell into a big sleep,
My heart trembled excited, even though lamenting a separation,
Because I knew you’ve finished your mission on Earth at last!
And, returned to the Galaxy to save another star! 

Now, you will continue to care for every culture humble and unprivileged
Existing on any star in the Galaxy,
Listening to the dialogues between everything visible or invisible;
Documenting ignoble birth and death, marriage and divorce, among those things.

When meeting with you some day in the Galaxy – our ultimate destination,
I will confess I envied you and your mission for a long time.
Then, accepting my apology I couldn’t have much time to talk with you,
You will invite me to an endless discussion regarding ‘the beautiful ado about nothing’. 


10 September 2009 (Seoul)
Expecting the time we will meet with Emil Goh in the Galaxy,
( Remembering Emil, Wednesday 30 September 2009 at 7.00 p.m. at 19 Jalan Berangan, 50200 Kuala Lumpur ROGUEART)