by Michael Schiavello
15 September 2009

Today was to be my day in Seoul with Emil. The only person I knew in the city. The man who everyone was excited to be around. I don't know his friends in Seoul but can surely speak for myself as a friend from Sydney, where he has many, many loving and good friends.

Emil to me was someone who always was on the go with one or more projects. He was an encouraging force to me. When we shared ideas, he would encourage me to follow my heart and follow the idea to its fruition. I remember how enthusiastic he was in conversations about the topic.

We shared a love for food and we loved being around friends with plenty of good food around.

The world has lost a great artist, a great designer, a great foodie and a great friend. He will from now be in my memories as one of my sweetest friends. Thank you Emil.

We all will miss you but you gave us more than most while we knew you. With much love and affection.

Michael Schiavello,